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We feel proud to provide the best solution comes from our best experience of working with more than 3000 NGOs from past 17 Years. We are dedicated to help the NGOs to grow up and provide lifetime supports to all of the NGOs are connected with us!
Its sounds great that more than 3000 NGOs have been registered by us and they are happily connected with us to grow their NGOs. 
This is our responsibility to take care of your NGO because we are dedicated to our work to make sure the NGOs are getting the best level of services & guidances.
We are offering you the Services from being Registered an NGO (Under Indian Trust Act 1882 as well as under West Bengal Society Act 1961) to Annual Reports & Renewals of it, 80G & 12A Certification, Supports for Fundings, Books of Accounts Maintenance etc. 
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KHAN CONSULTANCY is the Bengal's most trusted NGO consultancy, providing the best solutions and guides to more than 3000 NGOs registered by this consultancy, Having a 17 years of Experience, every Organization feels a different level of satisfaction for their Services & Queries.
This company provides all types of certification required for an NGO to grow their Organization faster than Everyone.
No more hassle Now! Because, From NGO Registration to Annual Audits & Renewals, Fundings to 80G & 12A &  lots of different certification is provided in one place.
Offering a best solution for every type of Certifications & Govt. Protocols beneath one umbrella!
  • What is an NGO?
    Organizations which are independent of government involvement are known as non-governmental organizations or non-government organizations, with NGO as an acronym. NGOs are a subgroup of organizations founded by citizens, which include clubs and associations that provide services to their members and others.
  • What is Trust Registration?
    By a Trust Registration under Indian Trust Act 1882, you can run all kinds of Health, Education & Social Work Organization like Private School, Library, Madrasa, Maktab, Hospital, Nursing Home, Old Age Home, Orphan Home, B.Ed College, D.Ed College, all kind of Training Center & various social activities like Blood Donation Camp, Disater Management, Tree Plantation, Food & Cloth Distribution etc.
  • What is Society Registration?
    A society is an organized group of persons whose main objective is to serve society and not to earn a profit. A society is registered under The Societies Registration Act, 1961 to become a legal entity. A society exists for the purpose of charitable activities such as poverty relief, arts, education, religion, cultures and sports. The Governing body members are entrusted with the management of the affairs of the society. Call Now the number mentioned below or mail us to Register your NGO.
  • What is Niti Aayog Registration?
    Niti Aayog is a central Govt. Certification what provides space for interface between Non-Government organizations (NGOs)/ Voluntary Organizations (VOs) in the country and key Government Ministries / Departments / Government Bodies. Whenever an NGO apply anywhere for Grants or Donations then as per the Central Govt. Protocols they must have NITI AAYOG Registration or Unique ID.
  • What is Society Renewal?
    A society registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961 is required to be renewed every year. Otherwise a fine of 1000 rupees will be charged for every year. Call Now the number mentioned below or mail us to Renew Your Society Registration Certificate.
  • What is Audit?
    Audit of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) The non-governmental organization (NGO) is an organization which is established by a group of people to render service to the nation and people. NGOs should make an audit of books of accounts every year. NGOs, in their own interest, should get their accounts audited regularly, even if there is a negligible transaction, every year and file income tax return. Call Now the number mentioned below or mail us to get the Audit Report for your NGO.
  • What is 80G?
    Using the deductions available under Section 80G, taxpayers can save tax while doing some good work, Like donate to an NGO. Section 80G of the I-T Act allows donations made to specified relief funds and charitable Trusts/Societies or institutions as a deduction from gross total income before arriving at taxable income. Under section 80G, deduction is not restricted to any specific category of persons/ assessees. This deduction can be availed by any assessee who makes a donation to the notified institutions and the relief funds set up by the government.
  • What is 12AA?
    12A registration is a one-time registration, which is granted by the Income Tax Department to trusts and other nonprofit organizations. The purpose of the registration is to be exempted from the payment of income tax.Trusts and NGOs which have obtained 12A registration enjoy exemption from paying income tax on their surplus income.
  • What is FCRA?
    Foreign contribution regulation Act 1976 or FCRA is a law of government of India which regulates receipt of foreign contributions or aid from outside India to India territories. This is essential to ensure that such aid does not effect political or any other situation in India. For genuine donation, the provision of law is not very difficult to comply. The regular compliance is limited to filing of annual return every year. This law is enforced by the ministry of Home affairs, Government of India. There is a separate section in the ministry to ensure compliance to the Foreign Funding Registration.
  • What is Funding?
    To run an NGO we need to be financially capable enough. Being a non Govt. Organization, NGO needs to collect money from different different recourses. Collecting money from different recourses is called Fund Raising. There are various processes to get a donation or funds for an NGO & for that Khan Consultancy leads a great role.
  • How to Register an NGO?
    Registering an NGO is very simple with Kha Consultancy. All you need to do is Submitting all the required Papers to us and we will look forward into it and will complete all the legal paper works and you will get your registration number soon!

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Having a great experience of 17 years NGO Vision has a glorious background of working
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